Hello there again my loves, I hope you all had a wonderful week so far. I'm so sad Summer is ending or already ended, signs of the end of summer?! not needing the AC to sleep at night lol. But thats okay because l love fall, when the weather is not too hot or too cold just cool and cozy and perfect for long walks. I know I didn't post a lot this summer, If you have been reading my previous posts then you would know I talked a lot about my summer being a bit hectic and stressful, with heath issues, to a death in the family, work, life and now school has started but I promise to post often and try to get in as many fall outfit posts as possible before "THE WINTER" is inevitably upon us ( dum dum dummmm... ha )

So this look was actually taken back in spring of this year but I never got around to post it, I don't know why I didn't but i'm still rocking this look this fall so It seems appropriate to post it now. Mixing of print and colors is one of my all time favorite trends. It gives you the opportunity to create or express your own unique style with a retro chic vide to it lol

I put this entire look together while shopping at Zara with my cousin back in the spring. The way I put looks together is, once I see something I like I start working a style equation in my head lol of what I think I'll need to match it with. I then ask if they have that item anywhere in the store or if I have all day, I'll go around and shop for the other pieces I need to complete the look, try It all on together and if it work then I'm ready to go.

I love two tone shoes and this color is so beautiful. Since this look is from the spring, almost everything I'm wearing except the pants is sold out because I fell in love with the pants and they were on sale and almost sold out at the store so I got all they had left to put on my store so just incase anyone else loves them as much as I do they wouldn't miss out on it. So head on to my store in the menu above to purchase it if you want one (only a few left) Everything else I'll link similar items below to achieve this "chic and smart in the city" look.

Thanks for reading. XO - B