Hello my loves, here's another long over due post, I'm terrible I know lol this year has to be the one year I have been sick the most, hopefully 2017 will be the complete opposite. Anyways thank God it's Friday, I hope everyone is having a lovely day. I on the other hand I'm snuggled in bed with some hot tea still recovering from my cold.

So enough of the boring stuff and on to this outfit, I'm wearing everything Zara with the ever so trending Double G buckle/Interlocking G Gucci belt (yes I gave in to the trend) lol

So let me first talk about this beautiful printed bodysuit, the color is so rich and the fabric is super soft and lush. I initially was going to do mustard pants with it, believe it or not lol but it went better with dark blue jeans and gold accessories. I will be doing the mustard pants look with this top come spring or summer tho God willing, so no one steal my idea lol.

Oh and this embroidered clutch, currently the "it" bag in my closet. It adds a level of chicness to almost every outfit. I cant get enough of it. Just like these heels I got for Christmas last year, they are really comfortable to walk around in, so this Christmas holiday, shoes are not a bad gift idea. 


Thanks for reading. XO - B