Hello loves, I hope you all had a wonderful week, mine was uneventful but great. So.. I promised myself I'll only be doing florals and all bright colors this fall but once I put these wide legs pants on the dark side to me just came out lol hence this old Hollywood movie star vibes look.. ha.

This look is definitely one of my favorites, wide leg pants are a total must have, It can be dressed up or down and I feel they don't really ever go out of style. You can dress it up like this, to a fancy brunch/lunch with your girlfriends or a fun day out shopping or even on a date to the gallery or museum. They are also perfect with a cute blouse and blazer over it to the office/work. On days you just want to be casual you can wear them with flats and a cute blouse or top for a casual day meet up or to run errands. 

This adorable BaubleBar choker was the perfect accessory to tie this whole look together. And oh the belt wasn't designed like that, I'm actually wearing it inside out because i'm weird like that lol.

My face and pose in this shot is so hilarious to me I can make like five to ten memes out of it but the best one I got so far is "When you know someone is lying to you but you keeping listening anyways" lol

These Elizabeth and James Watts sunnies are my absolute current favorite sunnies. You can sign up at www.ditto.com with code BARBRARAY to get one month Free of any designer sunglasses swap of your choice, curtesy of #endlesseyewear 

Thanks for reading. XO - B